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Go above and beyond to make 2019 one of the most rewarding and productive years of your life. Infuse 9 months of your year with rigorous practices, jaw-dropping insights, and a training community of fellow do-gooders.  

Not for the faint of heart, but time and time again our graduates say our Train-the-Trainer (T3) Intensive made for an epic turning point professionally and a 'favorite year ever' personally.  

Ok sounds like quite the adventure, but why the obsession with communication and 'soft skills'?  

First of all, yes it’s something of an 'obsession'...for decades now our instructors eat, sleep, and breathe the deepening of communication, empathy, and connection. 

Secondly, T3 is curated for those leaders who’ve conceded that masterful communication can no longer be an afterthought for thriving endeavors. Meetings must actually integrate multiple perspectives, and actually inspire new insights for everyone involved. Managers must actually coach effectively (in addition to holding people accountable). And it has to go deeper than superimposing some contrived model or platitude. Until you can improvise with each unique team member (in each unique situation), they’ll tune you out before you’ve finished reciting that Tony Robbins quote.

It requires intense focus to master these skills, but it’s so worth it. Not only to make every single conversation stunningly rewarding… 

We consider it a straight-up tragedy that inspiring visions frequently fail due to the one factor you can absolutely account for: The human component of healthy team-building and synergistic organizations.  

What it comes down to:  

However competent a coach/facilitator you already are, you’ll likely be humbled and excited by how even the simplest interaction can become a work of art. The ability to walk into a room and uplevel any group’s relational dynamic, like a chiropractor making a single adjustment that shifts the effectiveness of the entire system...we’ve found this to be an art form with an infinite horizon line.  

Make your ‘19 a year of peak performance & growth. Join 30 leaders in our most comprehensive training series.


T3 is the most effective deep dive into facilitating connection, mutual-understanding, awareness, and possibility that I have ever experienced. Relational intelligence is a core capability I will build into every leader I coach, and it provides an access point for connecting authentically to the thoughts and feelings of others. The quality of coaching, curriculum, and real-time modeling of relational leadership provided by the staff is outstanding! 

Torin Martinez, Human Resources Business Leader ~ Procter & Gamble 

Well, I DO thrive when I create a solid structure for myself...so how does T3 really work?

Supporting and being supported, you’ll be doing a lot of both in as many different contexts as possible. And there’s no way around this. You can’t just ‘help everybody else’ to get the deepest value here.

Knowing intimately what it’s like to have a blindspot highlighted by a coach simply co-exploring with you, or to suddenly have a ‘good cry’ you didn’t even know you needed...only by having walked this terrain yourself will you help others navigate their own. 

You’ll clock these hours with us in several different contexts: 

  • 9 Live Weekend Intensives
  • Monthly Interactive Video Conferences
  • Weekly Meetings with your practice triad (trained mentors provided for every triad)
  • Private FB Group for ever-available support and training resources 

Beyond any professional training we know of, T3 provides an extravagant degree of expert guidance for each participant, customized personal attention throughout with a 3:1 ratio of students to staff! 

Bonnie Slater

T3 has changed my life more than I could have ever imagined. I have had a transformative experience inside of my own heart and mind. My inner love for myself has grown exponentially. Friends and family are telling me I'm more grounded, clearer with my boundaries, and that I seem to have evolved into a better version of myself. The time and money spent on T3 was the most valuable gift I have ever given to myself. I am forever grateful to the extremely skilled leaders of the T3 program.

Bonnie Slater, Birth Doula 

Ok I’m sold on jedi-level awareness and skills, but is this the optimal crew for me to train with?  

We’re definitely not the ideal instructors for everyone. Some considerations before signing up with us: 

Most experts (at anything) are notoriously unable to teach it. Meanwhile there are those who aren’t particularly expert at something yet manage to teach it surprisingly well.

Ideally you find instructors (like ours) who have both—that knack for teaching AND embodiment of what they teach (in a way you’d aspire to in your own life). This is the potent combo of both mastery and messaging.

Master-level Trainings:

  • Challenge you sufficiently to feel ‘on your toes’ in life (you might find yourself eating and exercising exquisitely just knowing a T3 weekend is coming up)
  • Nourish & energize you such that you hit the ground running in life (your family & colleagues noticing that certain gleam in your eye, bounce in your step...“hey, did you get a haircut or something?”)
  • Provide instructors who can at any moment demonstrate the skills you’re inspired to attain AND welcome the ways your skills might surpass our own
  • Distill concepts & practices clearly enough to be universally relevant YET also humbly enough that you can easily adapt them to your personal style & values

T3 instructors are strongly influenced by meditative practices. We focus as much or more on how a coach approaches a conversation as on what they do or say, and some find this degree of focus tedious. The subtleties in T3 are analogous to the attention a wine-connoisseur might bring to every nuance of a sip (e.g. conversation)...your ability to catch such tiny ‘tells’ in an interaction can require months of cultivating meditative levels of awareness.

On the other hand, the origins of T3 actually stem from team-building insights forged in military training environments…so there’s also a no-nonsense, hands-on approach to ensuring measurable results. You will not train in any concept without a concrete example of how it’s been applied at the highest levels of business and in the most sensitive areas of life.

If you're feeling anxious, know that our instructors can be intense but they are extremely committed to not only kindness but humility as well. At the end of the day we know that only you can determine the best style of leadership for you. We don’t presume to know what your motivations are, nor what they should be.

That said, you still may experience training with us as uncomfortably direct. 

Our interview process sorts for participants who are stable enough in their personal lives to navigate possible emotional upheaval at times, as well as for their comfort debating or disagreeing with their instructors (which we welcome). 


Finally, a point of pride for us is the aptitude level of our students. Our graduates report that much of their learning stems as much from experiences with their cohort as with their instructors. You’ll likely spend the year practicing with a blend of executives, consultants & investors, therapists & coaches, along with a sprinkling of artists, performers, and various spiritual seekers. Your ability to learn from this variety of values & perspectives often makes the difference between a valuable training you’re ‘glad you did’ versus a priceless experience you can’t imagine your life without. If this comes off as hyperbole, please check out more testimonials below! 

"I enrolled in T3 because I believed that it would create the kind of personal transformation that had been eluding me using other means. I am overjoyed with what I have received—a release from shame; a communication style that allows for deep connection with others; an extended family/community in which I have felt seen, heard, held, and welcomed without fail beyond my wildest dreams of what was possible. I highly recommend this experience!"

Lisanna Rood, Psychotherapist

Sounds like just the right blend of safety & intensity I thrive in...but is this the year for me to make this investment of time and money? 

Yes, I Am Ready to Schedule My Enrollment Conversation!

Each T3 we limit your cohort to 30 participants, some whom we’ve encouraged years prior to wait until a more optimal time to train with us. We never presume training with us is the right choice for you!

Financially speaking we strive to keep our tuition low (especially considering the 3:1 ratio of instructors to students) and we do not subscribe to 'abundance mentality' paradigms that might encourage someone to spend money they don’t have. Depending on your emotional constitution, taking on a larger investment than you’ve saved up for might ironically prevent you from being emotionally supple enough for such an intensive training.

As for time commitment, many students interestingly report that the weekly & monthly structures we provide actually helps them experience more free time. We do insist you be able to attend at least 8 of the 9 live weekend events, as well as your practice triads that often meet weekly, but you may find this level of commitment actually has you more effective in your existing commitments, not less!

Pretty sure I’m diving in...any last nudge from you guys to help me decide? 

These 9 months of training are a joy to participate in. It truly makes the entire year a more rich & productive time for everyone, students and faculty alike.

But we aren’t spiritual entertainers. We wouldn’t dedicate our careers to this if T3 didn’t also reliably lead to concrete results! Happier families, promotions at work, a more successful company of your own...

If you’ve made it this far down our sales page, you’ve likely at least tasted dropping into the zone as a leader. 

  • Arguments become less entrenching and more enriching
  • Interviews shift from informative to revelatory
  • Supervision matures from critical to mutually challenging yet supportive
  • Exit interviews deepen beyond awkward formalities to respectful honoring and candid feedback (and have often led to employees re-considering leaving!)

Personal lives are invariably enriched as well. Families no longer wait for a wedding, or loss of a loved one, to celebrate the immense unspoken regard between them. Relationships become a place in which to learn & grow more than ever before.  

This application of coaching, facilitation, and/or mediation to high-leverage situations...it’s pretty straightforward yet also mysterious.

Apparently Benjamin Franklin was sought after to participate in meetings, even those in which he had zero expertise on their subject matter, because conversations simply 'went better' when he was in the room.

Extraordinary doors tend to open as you cultivate this level of leadership.  

Of all abilities one might gain mastery of, beyond a musical instrument, a martial art or becoming a chef...we suspect you’ll find this ability to be the most rewarding of your life. 

We have.  

Weekend Retreats


1 March 8-10 2 April 12-14 3 May 10-12 4 June 7-9 5 July 12-14 6 August 16-18 7 September 13-15 8 October 11-13 9 November 8-10

Timing for each retreat will be:  

Friday 1pm–8:30pm (or later) Saturday 10:30am–8:30pm Sunday 10:30am–8:30pm  

All retreats will be held at our beautiful venue outside Boulder, Colorado

The Venue

The retreat venue is conveniently tucked away in a quiet stretch of farmland between Niwot and Longmont, Colorado. Each of these towns has its own distinctive personality and charm, and offers both lodging and tourist attractions to suit any style. Browse art galleries and antique dealers then sample gourmet cooking from around the world in Niwot, a small community with heaps of funky flair. Then travel north to Longmont, where 'old Colorado' is still alive and well, from rodeos to microbrews to an award-winning local music and theater scene. You'll also be just 30 minutes away from Boulder, one of the West's most vibrant cultural hotbeds. And be sure to plan some time into your trip for exploring the nearby Rocky Mountains, where unbelievable beauty delights and inspires visitors all year round! Your days will be spent at our retreat venue, and you'll stay overnight at the accommodation of your choice. We'll provide a list of conveniently-located hotels that we recommend. Note: you are responsible for your own transportation and lodging.

More success stories from our grads... 

T3 has provided me firsthand exposure to how powerful this type of coaching is and what it actually looks like to use these skills in the world. I have experienced an exponential increase in my confidence and ability to share these gifts, in tandem with my own natural abilities, with those who can really benefit from them.

Adam Zook, Senior Account Manager

For as long as I can remember, I've felt stuck and frustrated with my own inability to harness the potential I know I have in both the career and relationship areas of my life. Since doing T3, I feel like I got shot out of a canon. The self doubt and criticism inside me that keeps me frozen and unable to move forward, though not entirely gone, is also not acting like a road block anymore. It's like the volume of those voices has been turned down, and they are no longer running the show.

Erin Keeley, Small Business Culture Consultant

In 20+ years of trainings in leadership, coaching/consulting, and personal development, T3 was without question the most dynamic and influential training we've ever done. The container was impeccably held, and our processes were tracked and supported every step of the way. We recommend this training to anyone ready to truly deepen their connection to themselves and others in the most skillful ways.

Tamra Rutherford & Simon D'Arcy, Coach & Corporate Consultant 

Payment Options Make it Easy  

To help make this powerful training accessible to anyone who's called to do this work, we're offering several different payment options to fit your budget.

Option 1: Pay in Full (Best Value) Make 1 payment of $9000 at the beginning of the training and then relax, because it's all taken care of!

Option 2: Split Payment (Savings and convenience) Make 2 payments of $4600, one at the beginnng of the training and one in the middle. 

Option 3: Monthly Payments (Pay as you go) Make 9 monthly payments of $1055 each for the duration of the training.

Yes, I'm Ready to Schedule My Enrollment Conversation! 

T3 Core Team

JOSH LEVIN Lead Instructor  

Josh has been working with individuals, couples, and groups for the past 25 years in the roles of coach, facilitator, mediator, consultant, and trainer. He is passionate about supporting people in contacting and living from the deepest truth of their being, both personally and professionally. He loves giving people powerful perspectives and tools that reliably boost the effectiveness of their communication, the quality of their relationships, and the size of their bottom line. His framework is built on the underlying foundation of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-expression. He's been the Lead Instructor for T3 for the past 5 years.


Decker started team-building and mediation as a medic in the military, begrudgingly preparing soldiers for various leadership academies only to find that he had more passion for coaching than anything else. He then stumbled into executive consulting several years later when a few CEOs joined one of his community leadership workshops and saw an inspiring level of communication and collaboration. They brought him into their companies where he created similar results for their executive teams. Twenty years later, Decker is a full-time mediator and coach challenging organizations to attain extraordinary levels of teamwork and performance. His 1:1 coaching focuses on CEOs effectively empowering their executives and organizations. He’s coached startups from their first pitch, through board-level conflicts, to acquisition and even to starting again. Decker has been sole mediator for over $1.3 billion worth of business deals. Previous to his consulting, Decker co-founded a one-of-a-kind residential homeless program in San Francisco called Arkhouse. Later he founded Authentic World and The Integral Center, leading programs on advanced communication skills and certifying coaches around the world.

EMILY ROSEN Director  

Emily is the Founder of Secret Keepers, an artisan jewelry company with a transformational mission. She’s also CEO of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, where she oversees business development strategies, marketing and public relations, student affairs and program development. With an extensive background in nutritional science, counseling, mind body practices, the culinary arts, business management and marketing, Emily spearheaded the Institute into an international organization that reaches millions of people each month. Prior to her role at the Institute, Emily directed weight loss camps and programs serving teens and adults, had a private practice, and held the position of Executive Chef at several retreat centers. Her decade-long journey with an eating disorder has inspired her passion for health and transformation and her dedication to helping others finally find freedom with food and body. Emily speaks and teaches internationally on eating psychology. Emily also has a passion for building meaningful online communities, and her projects include thriving groups dedicated to women’s empowerment, nutritional healing, and recovery from sexual trauma. When she’s not busy running her multiple businesses, she draws on her fine arts training to create poems and images that have touched the lives of millions of people around the world.