Relational Leadership Weekend Intensive  

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Exquisite Moments with Humans...

Take the most heartfelt, most poignantly perceptive interactions you've ever had. Take them even deeper. Make them your new normal.

Join us in Longmont, CO February 15-17  

And you want more moments of…  

  • A loved one’s eyes lighting up with gratitude for finally feeling Seen for the unique gift that they are
  • Crying tears of relief from realizing we can let go of a self-image we’ve been carrying for years….
  • Raw, edgy excitement at feeling finally free to say what’s REALLY true for us, without holding back for fear of what others might think.
  • Profound spiritual realization, often only found in a monastery or intense meditative practice… 

Well, that’s the practice we eat, sleep, breathe for decades now....  

We’re inviting you to a 3-day intensive that can fundamentally transform the way you relate with people, and have you relating to people in a way that can transform them.  

In this weekend, our team shares with you this unique and powerful Relational Leadership art form.

“I am inspired and challenged by — in other words, completely loving — the this practice as a pathway into We Space. This practice of intentionally attuning to and riding the flow of subtle energy currents in dialogue opens new worlds and ignites possibilities. I am enjoying the hell out of this deep dive into the cenote of relationship … I feel alive, engaged and totally lit up.”  

Marianne Rowe, MS, Marriage and Family Therapist, 58, California 


OK, What's this Relational Leadership Business? 

Simply put, it’s the best work we’ve found for creating extraordinary and profound intimacy in relationships—an organic, in-the-moment interpersonal process that’s equal parts art form, meditation, and encounter group.  

The purpose of Aletheia is twofold:

  • We uncover “relational blind spots”—the ways we push away the depth of connection and intimacy that’s possible (whether you're single, deepening with your partner, family, or your clients).
  •  The experience of “Being Seen” for who we authentically are is one of the most rewarding experiences we can have as human beings…and this practice teaches us exactly that — how to see and celebrate each person for the unique flavor they bring to the world.  

Through this fresh, direct-experience in-the-moment process, we have more choice about how we respond…when we’re aware of our blind spots. 

David Bollt

"This space of safe, open inquiry has had me come to know myself with an ever-increasing clarity. As my patterns become conscious… I can see them as they occur, and from this place of knowing, I now have choice.  

For the first time since I was a child I feel free. Things are still really hard, and still the world occurs as bright and beautiful. I’m in touch with how much I love my life and the people in it."

David Bollt, Artist, 40, Florida  

Aletheia can evolve your consciousness through relationship with others.  

What you'll cultivate at Aletheia:

  • This practice will foster your AGENCY…through transcending who you thought you were, to discover an expanded sense of self, while fully experiencing and including every previous layer that this new layer is grounded in and arising from.  
  • This practice will also foster your capacity for COMMUNION and CONNECTION—through sharpening your ability to deeply See and Connect with others.  

Becca Fresco

“Training in relational leadership has given me an understanding and a framework to know why I love what I love. I knew that I loved connecting with people and being real. I didn’t realize it could be taught! When I started learning it, I saw that in my favorite moments with people, this is what I was doing. And these guys have taken it apart so that it can be taught and can be reproduced more consistently.  

Another other thing I love about this work: It allows people to be in the moment and experience themselves and others without a story. Without rejecting story, just seeing that it’s not necessary for revelation.  

Authentic relating brings us into a shared experience of the truth of the moment, a space of rawness To me, that’s where magic happens, and that rawness is powerful fuel for my spiritual growth.”  

Becca Fresco, Somatic Bodyworker, 28, California  

Yes, I Am Ready to Schedule My Enrollment Conversation!

When & Where 

Join us in Longmont, CO February 15-17

Friday: 1PM–8PM Saturday & Sunday: 11AM–8PM

The Venue

The retreat venue is conveniently tucked away in a quiet stretch of farmland between Niwot and Longmont, Colorado. Each of these towns has its own distinctive personality and charm, and offers both lodging and tourist attractions to suit any style. Browse art galleries and antique dealers then sample gourmet cooking from around the world in Niwot, a small community with heaps of funky flair. 

Then travel north to Longmont, where 'old Colorado' is still alive and well, from rodeos to microbrews to an award-winning local music and theater scene. You'll also be just 30 minutes away from Boulder, one of the West's most vibrant cultural hotbeds. And be sure to plan some time into your trip for exploring the nearby Rocky Mountains, where unbelievable beauty delights and inspires visitors all year round! 

Your days will be spent at our retreat venue, and you'll stay overnight at the accommodation of your choice. We'll provide a list of conveniently-located hotels that we recommend. Note: you are responsible for your own transportation and lodging.

Payment Options Make it Easy  

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Aletheia Core Team

ROBERT MACNAUGHTON Lead Instructor & Co-founder

Robert MacNaughton, CEO and Co-Founder of The Integral Center in Boulder Colorado, has been facilitating experiential group education for over 20 years. He organized the Integral Center with the vision to create structures for flourishing integral communities in Boulder and beyond. Robert teaches about how to skillfully reconcile seemingly contradictory world-views in conversation, organization, and culture.

Robert MacNaughton


Decker started team-building and mediation as a medic in the military, begrudgingly preparing soldiers for various leadership academies only to find that he had more passion for coaching than anything else. He then stumbled into executive consulting several years later when a few CEOs joined one of his community leadership workshops and saw an inspiring level of communication and collaboration. They brought him into their companies where he created similar results for their executive teams. Twenty years later, Decker is a full-time mediator and coach challenging organizations to attain extraordinary levels of teamwork and performance. His 1:1 coaching focuses on CEOs effectively empowering their executives and organizations. He’s coached startups from their first pitch, through board-level conflicts, to acquisition and even to starting again. Decker has been sole mediator for over $1.3 billion worth of business deals. Previous to his consulting, Decker co-founded a one-of-a-kind residential homeless program in San Francisco called Arkhouse. Later he founded Authentic World and The Integral Center, leading programs on advanced communication skills and certifying coaches around the world.

EMILY ROSEN Director  

Emily is the Founder of Secret Keepers, an artisan jewelry company with a transformational mission. She’s also CEO of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, where she oversees business development strategies, marketing and public relations, student affairs and program development. With an extensive background in nutritional science, counseling, mind body practices, the culinary arts, business management and marketing, Emily spearheaded the Institute into an international organization that reaches millions of people each month. Prior to her role at the Institute, Emily directed weight loss camps and programs serving teens and adults, had a private practice, and held the position of Executive Chef at several retreat centers. Her decade-long journey with an eating disorder has inspired her passion for health and transformation and her dedication to helping others finally find freedom with food and body. Emily speaks and teaches internationally on eating psychology. Emily also has a passion for building meaningful online communities, and her projects include thriving groups dedicated to women’s empowerment, nutritional healing, and recovery from sexual trauma. When she’s not busy running her multiple businesses, she draws on her fine arts training to create poems and images that have touched the lives of millions of people around the world.